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Jackie and I collaborated on the redesign of the PRINT® assessment for kids to ensure that it keeps the integrity of the original survey. PRINT for KIDS is exclusive to Insinger Insights, and I am excited to witness the positive impact it has on families and educators. — Dr. Paul Hertz


Dr. Paul Hertz and I have collaborated to carefully redesign his proven PRINT® survey for my use with children, their parents and teachers. Our work has ensured that the children’s online PRINT for Kids assessment keeps the integrity of the validated version originally created by Dr. Hertz and taken by tens of thousands of people. Print for Kids uncovers the Unconscious Motivators behind your child’s behavior, and provides you with a rich and detailed description of the “WHY” behind their behavior and how to maximize their Best Self traits while minimizing Triggers. Insinger Insights is the exclusive provider of Print for Kids.

Dr. Paul Hertz, founder and architect of the revolutionary PRINT® system, is a pioneer of Unconscious Motivators® and Organizational Effectiveness, with over 30 years of experience delivering his PRINT® program to individuals and businesses worldwide.

Dr. Hertz earned his MBA and Ph.D. in Statistics from New York University’s Stern Graduate School of Business, and founded the Paul Hertz Group in 1981. The purpose of this Company was to bring his own quality improvement philosophy (combined with that of his mentor, Dr. Edward Deming) to a wider audience, while incorporating components of interpersonal relationships and underlying motivational traits to an analytical and statistically driven science.

Over the the next two decades, Dr. Hertz developed curriculum and program delivery methods to help organizations overcome growth and transformation challenges. In spearheading programs for Leadership Excellence, Team Building, Talent Enhancement and Process Improvement/Innovation, Dr. Hertz drew important and indisputable connections between individuals’ performance and underlying motivators.

History of PRINT®

Dr. Paul Hertz’s research proved that many roadblocks for improving individual and organizational performance were, in fact, dictated by people’s innate motivators. This realization was the foundation for the development of the revolutionary PRINT® system, which today is used by hundreds of organizations to drastically improve factors vital to success and sustainability.

Mark R. Testa, Ph.D. | Professor of Management and Service Leadership | California State University

Independent, Third Party PRINT® Validation Studies:

A series of third party studies and validations were conducted on the PRINT® Survey over the period 2001–2003 with the following conclusions:

1.  Over 3,000 respondents participated in various studies conducted to investigate the validity and reliability of the PRINT® Survey.

The PRINT® Survey is a valid and reliable measure of personality as indicated by separate tests of the following: 

  • face validity
  • content validity
  • construct validity (convergent validity and discriminant validity)
  • criterion-related validity (predictive validity)
  • reliability (test-retest reliability)

The results suggest that the PRINT® Survey in fact measures what it purports to measure and is a useful tool in identifying PRINTS®. The PRINT® Survey is an accepted form of measurement to be used in various training, development and performance diagnosis initiatives.

2.  PRINTS® are gender neutral

3.  PRINTS® are age neutral

4.  PRINTS® are ethnicity neutral

5.  A highly statistically significant relationship (99.4%) exists between Shadow behavior of employees and the level of their job performance. The results conclude that employees who exhibit more frequent Shadow behaviors tend to be poorer performers on the job than those who demonstrate less frequent Shadow behaviors.

6.  A highly statistically significant relationship (99.0%) exists between Best Self Behavior of employees and the level of their job performance. The results conclude that employees who exhibit more frequent Best Self behaviors tend to be better performers on the job than those who demonstrate less frequent Best Self behaviors.

“The purpose of this report was to assess the validity and reliability of the PRINT® Survey. To assess validity, face, content, and construct validity studies were conducted and statistical analysis were performed. In each case, support of the validity of the instrument was demonstrated. This suggests that the PRINT® Survey in fact measures what it purports to measure and is a useful tool in identifying PRINTS®. Next, a test-retest reliability procedure was conducted to determine how stable the results of the PRINT® Survey are over time. The success of the test suggests that the PRINT® Survey demonstrates reliability. In summary, the PRINT® Survey evidences both validity and reliability.”

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