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The MIDAS represents the first effort to measure the Multiple Intelligences, which have been developed according to standard psychometric procedures. — Howard Gardner, Harvard University 

Multiple Intelligences

The theory of Multiple Intelligences was founded in 1983 by acclaimed Harvard Graduate School of Education professor, Dr. Howard Gardner. This theory challenges the traditional belief that intelligence is exhibited in a uniform manner – primarily measured through logic and linguistic achievement. According to Dr. Gardner, each individual has a unique combination of eight intelligences – all important in their own way and none to be discarded. Similar to a fingerprint, individuals have their own profile of “smarts” that contribute to how they best learn and understand. Addressing your child’s specific intelligence profile, and teaching to their strengths, can greatly increase confidence and opportunities for success.

I have chosen to use the MIDAS (Multiple Intelligences Development Assessment Scales) to generate your child’s Multiple Intelligences profile. The MIDAS was developed in 1987 by Dr. Branton Shearer, and has been constantly refined over the past 25 years. It is an exceptionally well designed, thoroughly researched and widely implemented assessment that is intended to initiate an invaluable dialogue to support your child’s learning and development.

Research and Validation Studies

Assessing the Multiple Intelligences: What Good Can Come of It?
Large Scale Factor Analysis of the MIDAS™
Criterion Related Validity of the MIDAS Assessments
Teen-MIDAS Summary of Validity and Reliabilty Research
MIDAS-Kids Summary of Validity and Reliability Research
Career Development and the Multiple Intelligences
Teacher Development and The MIDAS Assessment
Math Skill and Multiple Intelligences: Investigating the Profiles of High School Students
Reading Skill and Multiple Intelligences: Investigating the Profiles of High School Students
An Integrated Model of Multiple Intelligences: Integrating Triarchic, IQ, EQI and MI Theories
Exploring the Relationship Between MI and Emotional Intelligence

Howard Gardner on Multiple Intelligences

A 1997 interview with Harvard University Professor Howard Gardner about multiple intelligences and new forms of assessment. He talks more in depth about his theories of each of the multiple intelligences and how our education approach needs to change.

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